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About Us

We all have wishes. For some it’s something simple, like a holiday in Hawaii. Others are more ambitious, wanting to be their own boss, break world records, or even walk on Mars. Obviously not all of our wishes come true, but the internet is making it more and more possible for us to achieve the things we want, and Linkwish is here to help.
We are a digital marketing agency and our sole goal is to help your online wishes come true. Whether you’re a blogger, a store owner, or someone who collects pictures of cats, we can bring more people to your site.

The Linkwish staff make use of the most up-to-date analytics and algorithms to look at your site in real time and see exactly where your traffic comes from. With this information, we reach out to an ever-growing network of sites and find those that share your interests, styles, or business goals.
As well as growing your traffic, our staff look at your site itself, suggesting changes and developments you can make to grow your brand. We don’t want to take over though, all our suggestions are provided in an advisory fashion, allowing you to make your own decisions, and preserve the spirit of your website.
Here at Linkwish, your wishes are our wishes, and we all want them to come true.